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Val Town Docs

Val Town is a social website to write and deploy JavaScript. Create APIs, scheduled functions, email yourself, and persist data — all from the browser and instantly deployed.

  • Vals are JavaScript, TypeScript, or JSX and run via the Deno runtime
  • Vals can be public, unlisted, or private
  • Vals can import other vals, NPM, and more
  • There are different kinds of vals:
    • Script - freeform, run manually, for one-off operations or testing
    • HTTP - expose an API endpoint, make a website, or accept webhooks
    • Scheduled - trigger code on a timer or cron schedule
    • Email - trigger code on an incoming email
  • The Val Town Standard Library provides a set of useful functions
    • Blob Storage - store and retrieve any data
    • Email - send emails
    • SQLite - store and retrieve structured data