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Custom domains

Custom domains allow you to use your own domain names to access the HTTP vals you created. This feature enables a branded and professional experience for users visiting your vals.

Buy a domain

The custom domains feature works with domains that you already own, and connects them to your val, which serves all traffic to the domain. You’ll need to configure DNS settings with your domain registrar to make this work.

Some domain registrars that you can use to buy a domain:

Add your domain to Val Town

Once you have a domain, navigate to Val Town’s custom domain settings and add the domain that you want to redirect to one of your vals.

Then choose a val to handle requests to that domain.

Configure the DNS

Lastly, you’ll need to configure the DNS settings in your domain registrar so that requests are routed to your val. We provide a summary of the information below on the domain page for your convenience.

The DNS configuration will depend on the type of domain, apex domains ( or subdomains ( These settings will depend on the platform you use to manage your domains.


Create a CNAME record to

CNAME recordvalue

Replace with your domain. In some domain platforms, you should only use the subdomain, which would be something in the example above.

Apex domains

Create the following two A records:

A recordvalue

Replace with your domain. In some domain platforms, you should replace with @.

Val Town custom domains are powered by SaaS Custom Domains.