Workspaces & Folders

Creating a folder

You can create folders via the New Folder button or within the move menu on each val.


Folder names

Folders names must be valid JavaScript identifiers as well as unique within their containing folder.

The Future of Folders

Public Folders

You cannot share a folder-view with anyone else yet. We hope to make public folders in June.

The current tentative plan is to make all folders public, but the vals inside them can remain private. This way you can easily share any folder, even if it contains private vals, and only the public vals will be shared.

Folders as namespaces

We have tentative plans to treat folders as namespaces in the future, so you can refer to @me.youtube.search instead of always going to the top-level @me.youtubeSearch.


Currently vals can only live inside a single folder, and you cannot embed another user’s val inside your folder. We hope to lift both these limitations with a “multihome” model.