Email yourself like you log to the console:

console.email("helllo world")
Extra options (subject & html)

Add a subject line as the second argument:

console.email({foo: "helllo world"}, "Subject line")

Email yourself HTML:

console.email({html: "<h1>hello world</h1>"})

The subject line can also be passed as a named parameter:

console.email({html: "<h1>hello world</h1>", subject: "hello from val town!!"})


@me is a shorthand that you can use to access your values.

import modules



Scheduled Vals

Simply press the Schedule button on any function val to have it run on an interval.

Scheduled Vals can optionally accept one argument, which includes some metadata about the interval. For example, you can get the most recent time the interval was run to filter out data that was already seen: